Monday, July 20, 2009


This morning while we were rushing around the house trying to get out the door (as always mornings are a rush at our house), Kyle informed me that George the Monkey needed a chocolate. So not wanting to take the time to fight with Kyle or George I caved and gave him one. Well as soon as I handed it to Ky he said, "Monkey isn't real he can't eat it, I guess I will have too!" Obviously I knew he was going to eat it and not the monkey but for him to come up with that just cracked me up!!! I love my little guy he keeps me on my toes that is for sure. So here is a picture of George the Monkey, Kyle the Monkey and of course the morning chocolate ;)

Hopefully I will have some cool pictures to post after my Girl's camping and horseback riding trip. Hope you all have a good couple of days!!!

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