Friday, July 10, 2009

The Newest Member of the Mitchell Family

Well first I would like to say it hasn't been quite a month since my last post, which I would say for me that is pretty darn good. July is a crazy crazy month between the 4th, ATV trips, and lake trips we are never home. I will post more about them later......

I have been contemplating getting Kyle a really good kids horse or a pony for quite awhile. For those that know anything about ponies you know they can be a little shall we say arrogant, ignorant, stubborn etc., so I really debated on buying this pony from my good friend Laurie. Well I finally decided what the heck lets try it.

I picked him put and took him with me to riding club to see what he would do around all the excitement. To my amazement he just stood there and didn't move, I thought ok maybe he will be a good one. I then took him home and put him in our pasture and he just walked around and didn't get to upset like most horses would do. I thought OK this is weird is he sick or something. I watched him for a few days and just let him do his thing.

The Saturday after we got him Kyle and I went to check on him and his water and I had the thought to put Kyle on him. I didn't have a halter or anything but I thought I can put Ky on and just hold onto him in case the pony did something stupid. Well here is the picture of how well that went....

Mr. Giggles is the pony's name and he just followed me around the pasture like a puppy. Kyle loved it. We only rode for a little while that time and then we went 4-wheeling on Boulder Mtn future post about this trip.

Here is some pictures of Kyle riding Giggles all by himself. They both have figured out that if they go by the apple tree Giggles can eat the apples off of the ground and Kyle can pick the apples off of the tree.

We just love Giggles and are so happy to welcome into our family. Kyle can make him do anything. It feels so good to be able to trust an animal (as much as you can trust one) with your child. Kyle is so confident and is not intimidated at all!!! Maybe I will finally get my cowboy :)

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Shal said...

You have the reincarnation of my old Shetland Pony, Snizzle Foose, you probably saw him, he was an Angel Pony, completely easy going, just like Mr. Giggles.